Which Backlinks are Strongest?


The most powerful backlinks comes from the relevant and quality website. A single backlink from a well authority and relevant sites are more valuable than the bunch of backlinks from an low-quality site.  Here are some of the key metrics to establish the quality of the website to source the backlink.

Domain Authority:

Domain Authoiryt is the measure of the reputable ability of your website in its niche or industry on the scale form 0 to 100. The higher the domain authority of the website, more the valuable of it in the search engine. A backlinks from the good domain authority site will be more powerful enough to influence the positive result in your website in the search engine.


Citation Flow:

Citation Flow is another measure of ther website in the score between 0 to 100 and it is indicates the quality of the backlink pointing to. A website will have a high citation flow score if it has bunch of backlinks from the quality site.  Likewise the flow value will drop if the  website gets backlinks from the low-quality website. A backlink from a website with high citation flow metric may have good value.

Trust Flow:

Trust Flow metric of a website says about the quality of the website which is again scored between 0 to 100. A website will get high Trust Flow  , if a number of quality backlinks points to it. A backlink from the good trust flow to your website is usually valuable.

Spam Score:

The Spam Score is scaled from 0 to 17 which shows the probability of that website to be penalized in the search engine. A spam score below 5 is safe, so getting a backlink from the website who spam score is below five is valuable and good too.

backlink quality

Index Status:

Index Status from a website tells whether the site is indexed in the search engine or not. If a website is not indexed either it is penalized or robots.txt file is not configured correctly. A backlink from a website which is indexed only will pass the SEO juice to the pointing site if not it could even harm your website ranking.



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