What to Expect from Hosting Providers

Website Security

If you are looking for a web host, you have numerous options for it. With so many options in front, the question is “How do you pick the one which is best for your website”. So here is what you need to look into the web host every opting for one.

  1. Speed

Ram, CPU an disk space plays important role in determining the performance of the website. Usage of RAM and CPU depends on type of website content and number of visitor for your website. If you produce viral content with medium hosting plan then it is not that sufficient to handle the huge traffic, in this case, the website will slow down.

Website Security

  1. Support

You will need some level of support from your hosting providers like WordPress installation, Migration, Security, Restoration, and backup. Even if you know everything, it is advisable to have minimal support as advice and for this most of the web hosting services provide some degree of support through live chat, emails, support ticket and many.

  1. Uptime

Uptime is a number of time, your server is up and running. This will like 99.5% or 99.9% uptime. If your website hosting has a high percentage of uptime, it is good and that means the server stays up and running, so your website stays up and running too. Downtime for any web hosting is required for maintenance and other works, so it is important to choose a high percentage of uptime hosting providers.

W3 Tota Cache

  1. Back and Recovery

By, in any case, your website got hacked or loses the data for some reason, you should need to restore it at the minimal time. So it is always good to have a backup for your website and if for some reason If you lost your data you can recover from it from the backup you have.

  1. Cache

Cache increases the speed of the website. Some web hosting companies provide caching to ensure the website loads faster. It includes on both server and client side, though we have many plugins like W3 Total Cache and many other to have the cache on the client side, It is recommended to have the same in server side too.


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