What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving website visibility in Search Engine Result Page. When it comes to SEO, there is search engine and the searchers. If you have an article “Importance of website”, you need the article to be displayed in top of search engine ranking to searches to see your article.

In SEO, through some customization works will take on the article in order to rank it in top of first page of search engine ranking. We don’t just want to rank in search engine result page, we need to rank at top of first page of SERP to get the result what we are looking for.

Normally, when people search for something in Google, they expect to get the result in top three or five links, if they couldn’t find the result without even looking for other links or in other pages of SERP they are likely to change the search term. Hope, this gives some idea of raking top in Search Engine Result Page.

Search Engine Optimization

What comes with SEO?

  • Quality Traffic and Lead:

Attract the right visitors to your website anywhere around the world. Once you have right person landing your website, higher the probability to get more leads. Because if your website is about phone products, people who are interested in phone will visit your website and if there is any need they are more likely to buy it from the website.

  • Organic Results:

With rise in Digital Marketing, ads make up a significant portion of Search Engine Result Page for every click on your ads in SERP you need to pay to Google. But SEO is Organic, you don’t want to pay for getting clicks or getting visitors to your website.

How SEO Works?

Search Engine rank their website largely based on relevancy and authority of pages which is crawled. Google uses more than 250 factors to decide the position of page in search engine result page. So, it is often recommended not to focus on individual factor to rank page in search results. SEO involves what search term people type in search engine, user experience, quality content, website accessibility, links to the page, technical sound of the website like optimize the website for keyword and more.

What is SEO

How to do SEO?

SEO activities often grouped as OnSite SEO” and “Offsite SEO” with respect to the customization works carried on the website and away from the websites. There are huge number of SEO factors in each category, however all the factors focus on user experiences in your website.

Search engines are smarter than before, if you try to manipulate Search Engine ranking by buying links, exchanging links or low-quality article or directories which are against Google guidelines and search engine can take penalizing action against your website. The best and safer way when it comes to link scheme is inbound links, try to give maximum and relevant inbound links and link to the brand and content on what they are, what service or product they provide. So when it comes to SEO, follow the unique technical and creative expertise who are skilled to help you out and rank better in search ranking.


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