What is link building?

What is link buliding

Link Building refers to the process of getting referred by other pages on the website or from another site. For Example, you have a website called abc.in and if you get referred by other site say example xyz.in then it is called link building. It is one of the most important tactics used in Search Engine Optimization. Link Building makes a greater impact on the Search Engine Result Page. This is one such way to increase the popularity of the website. All business which depends on online should be interested in building links to drive traffic to the website and also to increase the site authority.

link buliding

Why to build links?

Google Algorithm has a link as the one of the ranking factor. With often update and more, Google algorithm is becoming more complex and it keeps on evolving, but remains still is the links. Linking remain as an important factor in determining the rank of the website in the search engine result page for a related keywords.

There is some of the right and wrong way in building a link to your site. If you are looking for a long-term visibility for your website, then optimal one is to go for natural link building rather than buying links or achieving it for indexing through other black hat SEO tactics. Sometimes your website may even be banned by practicing black-hat SEO.

Is all links are equal?

No. Not all links are equal. A link from authority website like Wikipedia will have a greater impact in the Search Rank rather than having a link from the newly built website. Link Building is highly important in achieving the organic search ranks.

What is link buliding

Why Link Building is Important in SEO?

Link Building is important because it is a major rank factor in any search engine. The thing which matter a lot in link building is listed below,

  • The trust and authority of the page
  • SEO and Content is optimized to link effectively
  • Anchor Text from where the link is coming
  • Helps in Navigation and finds the other related articles
  • Engage the users in the most effective way, by this we can reduce the bounce rate which is another ranking factor.


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