What is Indexing and How it Works

Index in SEO

It is very common to check to find whether your page is indexed or not. Aren’t you receiving traffic to your website, this might be because of indexing issue too. If you are not ranking for any search term it might be not because of quality of content all time, may be because of indexing issues too.  Every Search Engine draws its results from the indexing, if a page is missed in indexing it is obvious that it will not appear in the search results even though you produce a high-quality content and optimize the page. So, Indexing is the primary for Search Engine Optimization and now let us see how indexing works then what is the most common indexing problem.


Working of Indexing:

When new website or web page are hosted online, they need to announce themselves to the search engine. By this way, Search engine Bots otherwise called as crawlers find your website and identify all the internal and external links and organize the content. When you search for something in search engine, the following steps were carried out

  • Parse the query to find the searchers intent
  • Filter the index in according to the intent
  • Select the page what suits to the search engine the most.
  • Present them in search engine result page in order of relevance.

Why Some Pages were not Indexed?

There are some reasons why it is not indexed in the search engine,

  • Search Index will store links relevant to the search intent. For example in an E-Commerce website, when you apply a filter, often end up automatically generating lengthy different URL for filtered or sorted views. Have multiple pages with the same content is not useful avoid those pages in ranking by letting know in search console.

Index in SEO

  • Search Engine wants website owner to tell the pages to be indexed. Because sometimes website owners keep outdated content or not to fit purpose contents in the website.  Not only website owners decide not worthy pages, but sometimes crawlers also decide it and will not index it.

Building a website to have an online presence is challenging, make sure you are not held back by fundamental technical issues like having the pages not indexed. Well, with that being said, in the next article we will see about, How to see page is indexed or not and resolve the issues.


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