What is Google Business Listing

Google My Business

Google has started a new business listing platform called “Google My Business”. For Years many businesses have used Phone books to put themselves on a map. As we evolve digitally, the phone book is replaced by Google My Business. Google My Business includes Business Name, Phone Number, Address and website to be displayed in the Google Result Page or on Google Maps along with some images of your business. Google My Business is a free tool- which helps you to man your business in Google.

Google My business works well for local business as customers can easily contact or connect with the business. In Google My Business, you can add photos of your business to showcase how your business is unique in the market. You can even post in Google My Business which could be an news, events and other updates.

You can get feedback through Google My Business which is essential to grow your business in online. The Google My business dashboard now shows insights about your business like clicks, impression as well as you can integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads (Adwords) in GMB dashboard. Not that you should only manage your business profile. Your Google My business profile can be managed by multiple users and you can set privileges for each user while adding them to your GMB account.

Google Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing will be shown on the right side of Google Search Engine Result Page or even on the map when someone searches for business-related terms and brand name. As we have been what is Google My Business is about how we are going to look into advantages and limitations of GMB.

Pros of Google My Business:

  • Businesses that are using Google My Business appears on Google Maps and also in search results on mobile, desktop and other.
  • Listing your business in Google through Google My Business is free. By using this, you could find some potential customers for your business.
  • It provides basic business information to your customers like working hours, phone number, mail id, address, opening days and more.

Google My Business

Limitations of Google My Business

  • Going through the verification process is important to enjoy the benefits of Google My Business.
  • Phone Verification is the easiest method but it is enabled only for certain categories of business.
  • Mail Id and Physical address are made as a must for any business to use Google My Business. If your’s is a home business create a profile with your address and hide the address later.

Hope this gives you an idea of What is Google My Business, it is pros and cons. I would recommend to have a business listing for your business no what matter what or kind of business you do, for sure you can enjoy the benefits of business listing very soon.


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