Use Facebook for your Business

Use Facebook for your Business

Social Media is the most effective Digital Marketing Platform for any reason to get the impression, clicks, and conversions. Social Media has become an integral part of the business growth in this digital era. If a business doesn’t make an online presence, then it loses out to a customer. As of a report, more than 2 billion people are active users of Facebook. From the number itself, it is clear that it is the most popular social networking sites. For both professional and personal uses, Facebook is used by a wide range of people. Being said it is widely used; now let us see how to use this platform for the business growth. So here is how Facebook Ads Work.

Many people in the field of Social Media Marketing, uses the power of Facebook Ads for their business growth while few other, doubt whether Facebook works for their product or service. Before starting to promote your product or service on Facebook, you should know the difference between Paid Search and Paid Campaigns. Paid Search helps you to target the market while paid campaigns help you to find the potential customer.

Facebook Ads

Why to use Facebook Ads?

There are more than three billion businesses advertising on Facebook and it is the better time to get your business promotions on Facebook too. Here are the reasons why Facebook really helps your business,

Audience Size: Facebook has more than 1.13 daily active users, for any business reaching out to huge people is the basic and Facebook has that.

Time spend: People spend a lot of time on Social Media Platforms. On average a person spends more than 55 minutes on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Make use of that time, tell people what you offer, it will have the online positive impact on your business very soon and helps you to reach your objective.

Boost Post: Organic reach on Facebook is almost not exists, boost the content you post in your Facebook page, by paying to Facebook, it will help you reach your post way better than organic reach.

Targeting: Targeting options on Facebook is the one which makes it more unique than other social media campaigns. In Facebook, you huge options in targeting like Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Demographics, and Behavior.

Facebook Promotions

Facebook Ads (which is a Paid Social Media Campaign) helps you to find the potential customer for your business. With Facebook, you can target specific users who are more likely to have interest in the product or service you offer. By targeting the specific people on Facebook, you can do more sales.

The audience targeting on Facebook, lets you find your ideal customer, then you can display ads to the people who fall under the targeted audiences. Facebook shows your ads to people who exhibit the same type of behavior as your targeted audiences. So, what is basing in Facebook is how well you understand your customers and how effective you display ads with content what your targeted audience is looking for.

So here are the pros and cons of Facebook, consider this before opting for Facebook Promotion for your ads. But when compared with other Social Media Campaigns Facebook works way better than all.

Pros of Facebook Ads:

  • Campaigns are easy to create and can be tracked.
  • You can have control on “How much you spend on Facebook”
  • Instant ROI you can easily see the result and get profit out of Facebook Ads.
  • Targeting options are more like age, gender, locations and more.
  • Can use visuals in the form of images, videos to capture the interest of your audience
  • Cost Per Lead is cheap when compared to other paid promotions.

Cons of Facebook Ads

  • It not managed properly, it can be costly but less than Google Ads.
  • There is no option to target people on certain days and week.
  • The audience can be irrelevant if you missed targeting the right peoples.


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