3 Best Places to Go for Shopping Spree in Oakville


“If a man doesn’t fit, you can’t exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater”.

Reading Confessions of a Shopaholic, I realized this statement is so true! It’s not like you can exchange a boyfriend or a husband they are….nonrefundable… unless like size of skinny jeans that don’t fit you or a shoe that keeps pinching your toe to bruise later onwards.

Well, living in the suburbs will teach how you can make the best of it. When it’s time to shop you never need any excuse but hey what if you have loads of shopping bags that can’t fit in your car or a regular taxi? What to do then? I had to face trouble once upon a time and merciful day as it was, I booked a limo transfer Oakville and voila! My shopping expedition problem was solved thanks to the spacious room for everything and my long legs too.

Malls are Next to Safe Haven

Coming from a wealthy family has nothing to do with my shopping appetite or that’s what I keep telling myself. In truth, I love the idea of spending money on traveling and shopping. Either it’s a trinket or cashmere shawl or Jimmy Choos…every person knows in their heart what they want.

Shopping Oakville

But does it matter how much it costs? Absolutely not. So on my shopping spree back home in Oakville turned out to be a unique experience. And surprisingly interesting enough.

Suburbs are the quieter and far more comfortable places to live in, right? Wait until you see the shopping places like;

1.Bronte Village Mall

All those women who have been here, and those who haven’t, (you are missing the eye candy here!) you have to rush not only for the best coffee or meat or refined cheese only but I have come across some of the finest looking specimens of men with man buns (yes!) with their leather jackets, giving off cool dad looks. Joke apart, Bronte Village has the most social media following.


Because of its hipster vibes and the location (village-by-the-lake) is one of the most naturally stunning areas to do exquisite shopping. The thing I love most about this mall is the self-treatments you can enjoy to pamper yourself like hair and nail salons are just prime. Moreover, the antique shops and boutiques are the perfect therapy you need to spend some of the green.

2.Erin Mills Town Centre

Okay, I know it’s not in Oakville, but once you had booked Oakville airport limo it’s the easiest way to travel to the neighboring Mississauga. Now if I think of it, this mall does remind me of the mall in the latest season of “Stranger Things”. In my opinion, both resemble way too much for their own good. Wal-Mart, The Bay, Sears with H&M and many other departmental stores are rooted here.

More or less there are over 130 stores! There isn’t anything you can’t find here. Perfectly places in Greater Toronto Area, this mall, have a large food court including, Bulk Barn, Hero Burgers and more eat and drink item stores for everyone.

3. Oakville Place

Now, this is the largest mall in Oakville with a pride treasure chest of 140 stores and distinct eateries and fun errands to run for. Just like any large mall, the food court is well organized and with a range of varieties, you can eat to choose from like Jimmy the Greek or Thai Express (if you are in mood from some Asian taste).

Shopping in Oakville

You can find everything you have been looking for. Buy presents, pamper yourself with discounts and coupons you have and its oo la la for everyone. And just saying it’s the perfect hangout for teens as well. I remember coming back here with my friends. Even to enjoy a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s or purchasing a perfect top from RW&Co. can make up the day!

Shopping is cheaper than therapy

I don’t know if I agree with it but yes, happiness is not bound to money but it’s bound to shopping and lots of it! I may not be Rebecca Bloomwood but every store out there is like a siren call. For me shopping is my cardio, what about you?



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