Serve your Customer through Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has now changed the way of how business connected with the customers. According to a research, 67% of the customer has already following social media profile of company where they get offers to stay up to date with the latest product or service.

Below are some methods which could help you in engaging audience in social media,

1.Be Proactive

Being proactive will solve most of the online complaints. There will be some customer who is not satisfied with your product or service rather than asking for help they would express their dissatisfaction through social media. If you have not handled it properly, it can damage your brand and you can also lose certain customer too. Build your brand with your pro-activeness.

Social Media

2. Listen to your Customer

While you are dealing with your customer you need to listen to them first, it makes the customer feel they are important. Give solutions after listening to them. Same the case in social media too to increase conversion rate, if you don’t listen to your customer properly, if not you may lose lot of business.

3. Be Positive and Patient:

You need to be highly patient and positive when you provide service to your customer, even customer is rude, you should be polite when he gives a negative comment on your product or service publicly. It may be difficult to be calm, but remember about company’s reputation. You should respond in a positive manner and ask for the details from the customer and resolve it with care, this will surprise your online critic. What makes human is Emotions. Express Positivity, in all situations no matter of how worse it is.

serve customer in social media

4. No Excuses for Delay

Customer or client will have high expectations on service and failing to respond to the customer on time even in social media has huge impact in your business growth. While you are responding you must be helpful and should give some solutions to the issue. Take responsibility and give the best solution as possible as fast.

5. Encourage Feedback

Social Media is amazing tool for gathering feedback to improve your business online reputation. Customer will also like to share their feedback with you. You can ask for opinions which allow customer to share the ideas and other concepts.


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