Reason why Google Results Vary Drastically

Google Research result

Sometimes you have experienced the same Google Organic Search Results Varies on the same device even on the same browser though you have used the same keyword term while searching. The ranking position of the website for the same keyword in desktop and mobile phone searches has a significant impact on the conversation rate, traffic, and sales.

Understand Why Google Search Result Varies

1. Search History
You may not remember what you have searched in the past, but Google does. With the help of browser cache and cookies, Google does remember your previous search history until you clear the browser cache and cookies. If you regular search with similar keywords, Google will remember this and provide you the result based on your priority of the website what you have viewed the most.

Google Research result

2. Previously visited sites
If you use the same keyword and repeatedly clicks on the same link, then Google will show up the same website more and more in your search results.

3. Geographical Location
Google results are primarily based on the location where you search from. If you search for Restaurants, first what will find is the restaurants near you. Geography results generally reflect of the location setting on the device in which you search. The more you travel more the variation you are likely to see in the search results.

4. Google Account Use
Millions of People have Google Accounts who use Googles related services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Voice and many. Google will refine your search parameter from the Google Account and give the results. But only if you are logged into your Google Account and do the searches the data will be stored and based on this the results will be displayed.

The above where some of the reasons why Google Search Results vary, and apart from this there is also other factors like device used to search like Desktop, Tab, Mobile, Type of search you perform like keyword or image search, PPC which will vary the Google results.


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