Reason for Indexing Issues

Indexed Pages

If you are not sure whether your web page is in indexed or not or need to resolve any indexing issues, then this article is purely for you. If you are not aware of how indexing works, have on view on it then let us make necessary changes to avoid indexing problems as consequences of Indexing are high.

How to check whether indexed or not:

Checking this is a simple task, thankfully. For this, simply copy the exact page URL and paste it in the search bar as your query in the search engine. If you get results, then it is indexed. If not, then clearly it is not indexed.

You can also check the same by copying the unique content of your page and searching it with quote marks. If you can’t able to see the page but the copied content didn’t appear in the search results then you have to fix the on-page Search Engine Optimization issues.

To check the entire site, you can check by this Format site: your domain URL. Eg: This will check the domain and return all the pages which are been indexed, this will be extremely useful for large sites which contain a lot of pages in it.

Indexed Pages

Why Page is not Indexed?

There are many reasons for a page not been indexed, but here are the most common of all.

Crawler can’t find it:

Submit your XML sitemap in the webmaster tool. If your website doesn’t have XML Sitemap or links to the particular page, crawler won’t find the site and thus it will unable to index the website.

Page with “No Index”:

Even if you have links to the particular page, it will not be indexed if you have tagged the page as “No Index”. If you tag the page as no index, then crawler will simply ignore the page. Example of No Index page is back end login page of your website.

Indexed Issues Solving

Blocked in Robots.txt:

Every web server provides a txt file which contains instructions for a crawler. If a robots.txt file is not allowing some crawlers from indexing then those pages will not be indexed. Though in most case it is uncommon, it is not that rare too.

The quality level of the page:

If your domain has low-value links and has less content, Search Engine will ignore and decide not to rank pages in an effort to maintain high-level standards.

There are some possible causes for pages not being indexed. To remove the consequences and affects of indexing issues make sure you produce high quality content with some technical issues sorted.


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