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What is SEO

Marketing is everything in this digital world. It is no wonder, 75% of people spent their time on the internet in a product research. It is not enough to have a website. It’s important to make sure your website is Structured and contain related information to your visitors.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing also referred to as the process of increasing visibility of the website in Search Engine Result Page, There are so many factors involved in the process of optimizing the website. Search Engine Optimization is having a website which is well designed and developed. It is not to have content, it is to have the right content. Search Engine generally takes the quality of website, structure, and content when ranking a website.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is about how the Search Engine Works, which search engine like Yahoo, Google, brings the targeted audience and what the users are searching for. The primary goal of any search engine is to improve the relevance so that is indexed better. It is not a one time market, you should have consistency. The SEO fields consistently change. As the playing fields changes often you need to refine the works to maintain your indexing and rank better.

Why SEO is Important?

Eight out of ten people do internet shopping. The starting point in online shopping is search. Almost 70% of people click on the link which is ranked first in Search Engine Rank Page. Paid searches make complicated to the organic results. So, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for doing business online you should consider on,


As according to Google 90% of the internet uses to find the local business. People use Yellow Pages previously now they use the internet. Every business should have a website and they should have some knowledge on how Search Engine Works and have a marketing plan.


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