Mistakes to Avoid while Portrait Shoot of Models

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Portrait Photo shoot mistakes to avoid

Portrait shooting of models with clothing is full of all rules and conventions. Although many principles are already constantly violated by photographers, there are several more fundamental postulates that should be taken into account in order to avoid obviously ridiculous images that can degrade product photography pricing. Let’s take a look at the basics of the basics in this photography lesson and see how to photograph portraits of beginners correctly.

Portrait mistake number 1. Awkwardness of the situation, absurdity of poses

If your model is in an uncomfortable position, it is unlikely to get decent photos. Your model should feel relaxed, not tense and fully trust the photographer. Before you start shooting, especially if this is your first time working with a model, it is imperative to discuss the types of photographs that you would like to take. For this, each photographer should have two collections: successful and unsuccessful photographs. Show some examples of good photos, explain why these images “work”, due to which this or that photo card looks advantageous in comparison with others.

Explain to the model what you want her to do, how she stood or sat, tell how it looks from the outside. Your task is to create the most comfortable conditions in which there is no feeling of stiffness and awkwardness from communication.

mistakes to avoid in portrait photogarphy

Even if the model insists on some things, it’s easier to agree with it, and then say something like this: “it’s great, now let’s try” It often happens that the models say that it’s not convenient to hold hands in a certain way, they feel unnatural and the posture seems uncomfortable. However, in the pictures it’s often the poses you dictated that look more advantageous. Do not forget – the photographer controls everything that happens on his creative site.

Portrait mistake number 2. Clumsy hands

Inexperienced models often do not know what to do with their own hands. The photographer may be faced with the fact that the model just drops her hands, and they dangle lifelessly along her body. The position of the hands will look much more beneficial when they glide over the upper thighs. This technique works well in many cases.

Arms crossed on the chest can also look very impressive, only beware of creating a visual barrier to the viewer.

If you do not want the image to transmit an alarm or tension, make sure that the model’s hands are relaxed and not clenched into fists. It will help to get the desired effect if you ask the model to pick up something or touch the support nearby.

If the model is behind someone who is sitting, for example, you can place your hands on the back of a chair or put it on the shoulders of another person.

From experience, it can be argued that the biggest problem with novice models is the correct positioning of their hands. Moreover, after all, the hands in the portrait are the second center of attention after the eyes and are often even more expressive than the eyes. That is why the photographer should prepare very carefully in this area – to consider examples and options, to think about what he wants to express with the picture, and what gestures will emphasize this in the photo.

Portrait mistake number 3. No – oblique fathom in the shoulders!

Shoulders are usually the widest part of the human body. Even in women. When shooting, when the model is located strictly frontally, the shoulders are visually wide which cannot make the woman more beautiful, which means the image of the model will lose.

Rotate the model at a slight angle in relation to the camera and you will get neat shoulders and a thin waist, all lines will be gracefully curved, which cannot fail to please the viewer and the person most portrayed.

In general, a frontal portrait without bends or movement most often looks like a passport photo.


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