Next Step After Buying a Domain

Next Step After Buying a Domain

Purchasing a domain name is the first step to get your business online. If you haven’t bought a domain name yet, here are some of the tips on how to buy the right domain name. This article is for those who have their domain name on hand, here we are going to see what we need to do after buying a domain name.

  1. Find a Hosting Company:
    Once you have bought a domain name, you need to find a Hosting Company. Regardless of where you have bought your domain, you need to transfer nameservers to the server, as such they point your hosting location.
  2. Set up domain specific email address
    Rather than managing your mail id in Hotmail, go with domain-specific names which will be more professional too.
    For Example, if your domain name is:
    Then Domain Specific Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]
  3. Social Media Handles:
    Getting Social Media Pages that match with your domain name with add advantage for your online presence. Even if you don’t plan for social media pages it is better to create a profile with the specific name and reserve it for yours and will help you in future, if you would like to come social media and it also helps in establishing your brand.
    If your domain name is already taken in social media you can take the name with some qualifiers, try to get as close as possible. This will help your audience find you in every possible way.What to do next after domain name
  4. The goal of the website
    Before going to design a website it is good to plan the goal of the website, like what the site is going to be, starting a blog or e-commerce site or online service business etc., Setting a goal will better your business by knowing what you expect from the website as increasing the revenue? Maximize profit? Or improve online Presence?. This could vary to different things to different people based on the situation. Simply wanting a website is not a good idea, so set a real-time goal for the website like increasing traffic or increasing leads.

The type of website you create an end result you looking for will lead in the direction where you want to be. It is important to sort out this before as we have a different style for building a website, Determine the style of their before going to create a one.

Hope, this article gives you some tips steps that you take up with a domain name and build the strong foundation for your website.


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