Must Optimize On-Page SEO Factor


People say that there are more on On-Page SEO Techniques, yes we do agree but these are the most important that you should have optimized on your website to quickly boost your ranking.

Content Quality

When dealing with a website, as the statement goes, Content is King. A website with brilliant content can do great with or without SEO. Similarly, the website with not so good content will not go viral even with SEO. So, a website with good content is always Good.

On Page SEO

Page Title

When search finds our page, it first reads the page Title, Description, heading, and content. They do so, to get some understanding of what page is about and goes to the other SEO factors. Usually, from the user end, Page title will be shown in the browser tab. Each Page in your website should have a unique title that will help both the search engine and also the users.

Meta Description

The page description is what people usually see in the search engine result page. It has to be simple and descriptive about the page and can be up to 160 characters. As like Page title, Meta description should also be unique to every page in the website. It should be noted that Google does not always show the meta description you provide but sometimes they use their own if a search engine believes it is useful for the searchers or an corresponding keywords.

Heading and Content Formatting

A Page should be neatly formatted with heading and content. Each Page needs to have H1 tag. If you are using WordPress then by default page title will be in H1 tags. Remember, Search Engine will display the result what they find in the title tag.

Content Formating

And regarding content formatting, don’t simply throw the content in the website, make sure it is readable. Use Bold, Underline, Italics to highlight the important parts of the page. Use good font size neither too small nor too big. Split the text into small paragraphs for every 3 to 4 lines. Use enough spacing between the paragraphs to make the text much easier to read and have relevant images to the content.

These are some of the most optimize On-Page SEO factors to help you rank today. Hope, this is helpful for you.


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