Know About Web Traffic

Spider Blogs Website Traffic

Web Traffic is a measure of the popularity of a website or pages, which can be visually done by viewing the traffic. The following information tells us the monitoring of the web traffic

  • The number of visitors
  • Average number of page views
  • Average Visit Duration – Total Time user spends on the website.
  • Average Page Duration – How long a particular Page is viewed

Spider Blogs Website Traffic

Web Traffic is the amount of information that different type of users or readers sends and receive them. Web Traffic is simple about the traffic refers to the data generated by visitors to a website, such as the number of visitors, referral links, comments and so on.

Web Traffic is innovating given the rise of Internet Technologies and uses Digital Marketing like Facebook Ads, Google Ads to increase the website traffic.

Different Types of Web Traffic

Free Traffic or Organic Traffic
It is the traffic that is generated to the website without paying for it. It could be through ranking organically in the search engine, social media, referral through directory submission, direct.

Traffic from Search Engine
Traffic from Social Media
Direct Link

Spider Blogs Website Traffic

Payment Traffic
It is the traffic to the website which is obtained in exchange for a payment to a third party like Pay Per Click like Ads in Search Engine, Social Media Ads like Facebook, Linked In.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements
2. Sponsored Content.

Affiliate Traffic
It is the traffic that is sent to the website from the digital Platform through their recommendations.Web Traffic is of great importance all through the life cycle of a digital presence because of this the base through which you get the audience and serve them who should be loyalized and converted into the customers.


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