Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Creating Content without keyword research will not pay. Your website content will not be optimized for keywords to get traffic. You need to know about what keywords to target to generate traffic to your website.

There are so many aspects of keyword research but today we are going to see the main three aspects of it,

Google Keyword Planner

To use this account you need a Google Ads account. Once you have Google Ads account to log in and clicks on tools then choose keyword planner. There is a number of options in this like geo-targeting, specific language, and even other search engine specifics – that are in Google network like AOL.  You can customize your searches and filter out the keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword Optimization Over User Engagement:

In Past, keyword researches were carried out only to find the keywords with high search volume. Once after identifying it, they stuff the keywords in the content to trick Search algorithm to get high ranking organically. This is no longer in the present situation. Now, you have to work more on other metrics to index in Search Engine Result Page.

Rank Brain Algorithm

Rank Brain Algorithm is one of the core algorithms of Google which uses machine learning to determine the most relevant results for search queries. Before, Rank Brain algorithm google used the basic algorithm to determine the results to rank in search engine result page for a query. After Rank Brain Algorithm, it is believed that results are displayed by considering all possible factors like location, personalization and the words in the query and give a more relevant result to the user. Google announced that Rank Brain Algorithm is the third most important ranking signal. It is a machine learning algorithm that sorts the search results by understanding the search queries and measures the user engagement level.

Long Tail Keyword vs Search Volumes

Long Tail Keyword is where you need to start.  For Example, if you run a coffee shop would you like to rank in the top for the keyword “Coffee Shop” where more than 4 million searches were helped globally. It would make less sense unless you plan to compete with other world top brand coffee shop terms.  So it is always better to opt for Long Tail Keywords. Long Tail Keywords have lower search volume but have high engagement.  Visitors who find trough long tail keywords will count to the quality traffic will engage with your content and there is the possibility for higher conversion rate. This is because query s good enough to find the relevant results and you want to be at the top for long tail relevant results.

Keyword Difficulty

Once you find the keywords, you want to rank for, next you need to evaluate the difficulty that would be to rank for and improve indexing. The keyword difficulty measure is the important metric for keyword research.

Keyword Research Importance

The values is usually indicated as low, high or medium. High the difficulty level, then it is harder to rank on the first position in search engine result page.

Find more Niche topics,

Besides keyword research tools, you can also find a lot of topics and keyword ideas by using the,

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Industry Related Forum
  • LSI
  • Other Blog
  • Competitor Content

How not to select keywords?

  • Selecting the keywords that you will search
  • Deciding based on the Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword research tool without thinking about other metrics
  • Selecting keywords that is ok to put in heading, subheading, every paragraph and in meta tags.

So, finally optimize the content for long tail keywords and make sure your site perfectly satisfies the user needs. Create well-optimized title tags, meta description to increase the conversion rate from organic searches.


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