A Journey of Miles in Spontaneous Niagara


“Besides reading a book, the journey lets you live a thousand lives”

We often tend to forget what makes us happy. We are so engrossed in earning and be the feeding hands to the family that we ignore what is right in front of us. Nothing can make our life easier or difficult, but us. Stepping into Niagara will make you question yourself,

“Why not sooner?”

Before it gets too late to enjoy what is right in your face let’s take a deep breath of freshness and some real-life goodness in Niagara.

It’s only fair When to Say, WHAT A STUNNER!

This gem of a city is different from each pair of eyes who have traveled here. For me, it was full of discovery, which was easily made possible when I had the sense to book limo service Niagara just at the last moment. It did save me loads of worry later onward. Niagara is a blend of nature’s ornamental vibes infused with mankind’s wonders. There’s quite much to do and lots of space to move around and discover.

Blend into Niagara Fusion

Like I said earlier, it’s a stunner, but what makes me believe it is not only what I got to explore but the unexpected. They say traveling for everyone is different, like an abstract painting. Well, what they said was practically right. You don’t have to believe me, find it out for yourself;

niagara city

  • Tasting Food is just A Journey in Itself Too

For those who love food, Niagara is home to some of the great chefs inspiring the amateurs to bring out their best plates on the table. On my travel journey, I found that food is a common thing amidst every culture. It has the power to bring people close. The distinct climate is well taken care of by the blend of ingredients from international cuisines to casual dining or even a theme menu on special occasions is just perfect. Merchant Ale House will let you dug up the yummiest items from their menus.

So you better come with an appetite, believe me.

  • Did Someone Say Wine Tasting?

Take another of the precarious limo rides right to the Niagara Icewine Gala! Quite an establishing event in itself, held for three weekends in January, was the highlight of my traveling experience in Niagara.

The wine tasting is a slow, seductive romance between the wine lover and the wine itself. You seriously have to practice the perfect glass twirling, like a ballet art, and take nice and slow and short sips….and now you might want to buy a whole bottle of wine to yourself.

Needless to say, now I’m a fan of the Icewine Festival, its perfect opportunity to celebrate the world’s largest Icewine celebration.

Tip: If you want to impress your date then it’s a good evening spent!

  • Pampering and I Go Hand in Hand

Fair warning! All shopaholics need to make space for this traveler here! (I just said kept repeating it in my mind) when shopping is the ultimate goal, not even your limited credit card can stop you. Shopping is a real stress-buster, so you got to pamper yourself because if you can’t do it for yourself then who else will?

That reminds me that Galleria Shops at Fallsview Casino Resort are one of the catchy spots to shop. But if you are more interest in discount prices (like I was) than The Outlet Collection at Niagara is a perfect mesh for your taste of all designer brands. While collecting every piece of silky goodness, I smelled a distinct kind of good too resonating with the finest prints. No, it’s not what you are thinking, but it was truly a surprise for me because I had just located a shop for books and antiques and the music records at downtown St. Catharine’s! No wonder I love exploring so much, it’s like a jack in the box!

niagara toronto canada

  • Unbelievably Green! And Green is Good

How come a heavily populated city can be so miraculously green? Hitching ride on limo service Niagara, throughout my tour led me to this beautiful side of the city too. I mean, it makes you want to go hiking and strolling like people used to more than a decade ago. In the fast track life, we seriously have forgotten what it feels like to slow down. So it’s a great chance to take a look around Canada’s oldest and longest footpath, The Bruce Trail, where you can trek for four hours straight!

Port Dalhousie at Lakeside Park is a perfect chance to catch up with your grandparents and kids too.

To All the Curious Explorers

Live in the moments, not cellphones. Life is not more than 5 cents at the least, so open your hearth to a twist worthy experience in Niagara.


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