Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads - An Introduction

Since then, Google Ads are invented a lot of changes had occurred. Changes occurs with casualties, people now search for what they want from the phones, discover the locations with Google maps, watch videos on YouTube. Today we are going to see more about Google Ads, formerly called Google Ads.

Google Ads

Google ads is Online Platform, as name suggests it is owned by “Google”, which is primarily used by advertisers to advertise online on Google. Besides the natural or organic results in Google result page, paid results are also displayed in Search Engine Result Page along with the natural ranking. Google has designed the SERP layout in a way that paid result appear on top of natural results and also in bottom of the page.

Google ads are prime example of “full range of advertising” through which you can connect with the billions of people who is either searching for information in search engine, advertise people who are watching video, explore new places in Google Maps, discover new apps on Google Play and even more.

Google Ads

Placing an ad with Google Ads is similar to the working of Pay-Per clicks, meaning anyone who is advertising has to pay for every click on theirs ad. You can create ads for free in Google Ads and only if get clicks you need to pay. And there is no limitation on number of ads creations, you can create as many as you want to and choose relevant keywords for your business and ensure relevancy of content in ads too.

Once you have created ad, Ads will place the ad in search engine result page for the related keywords phrase or for more specified keywords in Google Ads. The higher you bid, higher the position of ad in Search Engine Result Page.

Google Ads mainly operates in two area Search Network and Display Network, where the networks has its own targeting to ad formats.

Google Search Network is similar to the text ads in the Search Engine Result Page. Where we have lot of place to explore in Google Display Network. In Display Network, ads can be shown in multiple format like Text Ads, Video Ads, Banner ads in multiple platforms like YouTube, mobile applications and many.

Display Network ads

One of great Advantage of Google ads is, you pay only for clicks, impressions are free. They payment model on Google is PPC which is familiarly known as CPC (Cost Per Click), means an advertisers pays only for clicks. Another most important advantage is Precise Targeting. You can target your customer on various categories like Demographics, behaviors, Location, interest, keywords even on devices and more.

Finally, Google Ads builds the bridge of two main areas like reaching people – Web Search and also Display Networks, which would result in meeting up of different business objective with the single solutions. Google now has transformed the way to connect with people. Connect with people, study about your interested audience, target them, convert them to them as your business customer.


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