5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2020

instagram marketing for business

Today, the business world has leaped forward with the emergence of the latest technologies and social media concepts. With the end of the decade, almost every individual is marketing its presence on the social platform in one or another form.

According to Emarsys, ‘There are nearly about 3.2 billion of inclusive mass registering its recognition on social media, that’s about 42% of the global population’.

Thus, one can understand the importance of social media marketing when it comes to setting your business on a wide stage with the purpose to explore more of the market opportunities and attract the exemplary set of customers.

Currently, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the targeted mediums, for aiming the marketing chances specifically for customer-centric business. To which Instagram ranks maiden when it comes to targeting the youths and millennials.

Instagram– Top Approach for Social Media Marketing:

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. It is quite trending among the groups of teens and youths. The picture sharing concept helps in boosting the engagement rate by summarizing the main purpose of the post within the seconds, without wasting the moment on enigmatic details.

Coming to unveil the popularity of Instagram, Instagram-Press claims that, ‘Around 1 billion people use the medium to connect on a monthly basis. To which, 63% of Instagrammers login at least once a day for different purposes’.

instagram for business

Reports from The State of Digital in Q3 2019 suggest that ‘Instagram holds the gender distribution of accounts by 52% of females and 48% of males’.

The stats are enough to show the cast relevance of media in the lives of the personnel. The individual keeps the account on the activities of their followings by recognizing the best from them.

Therefore, the business owners are targeting the customers based on their interest areas through various means such as social media marketing and influencer marketing.

Instagram for Business Opportunities:

Social media marketing is all about marketing your products and services on the pandemic level via the different social media channels.

Instagram being one of the most recognized channels helps in recovering the customer’s needs.

As projected by Business. Instagram, ‘200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile a day’.

Therefore, the business owners are actively engaging with the customers, all way possible. It’s either by Instagram ads, promotional content, interactive stories or hitting the chords through social media influencers.

The more brand will communicate with customers on Instagram, the better will be the insights. The higher engagement rates and tap on clicks of your Instagram post, the successful will be your social media marketing campaign.

According to Convivia, ’75.3% of United States businesses are projected to uses Instagram by the year 2020’.

Therefore, if you wish to propagate the business essential, it is mandatory to match the pace with strategical moves of Instagram for the successful drive to the business.

Here are the 5 Instagram marketing tips that will help you extract more of the business.

Let’s explore more!

  1. Know your audience
  2. Conduct Engaging Instagram Contests
  3. Create Instagram Ads to Redirect the Traffic on Landing Page
  4. Post-Sharp Details of the Product & Services
  5. Address the Customer Via Instagram


#Tip 1–   Know Your Audience:

When moving with Instagram marketing, make sure to follow the strategic approach to the customers. The key to success lies in delivering what the customer actually needs.

Understand the flow of followers and their source of the channel. Customize them on the difference between hashtags and location-based interests.

All you need is to understand the perception of the audience with the motive to post much more engaging content than ever before.

Knowing your audience lets you follow the steps of social media marketing with a clear agenda to turn customers into final consumers.


#Tip 2– Conduct Engaging Instagram Contests:

Conducting the contest on behalf of the brand on the social platform of Instagram bolsters you in generating more of traffic by redirecting on the official landing page.

One can run an Instagram contest from their business account laced with suitable hashtags and terms & conditions to follow the page for winning the competition.

The initiative helps in acquiring the terms for both i.e; increase in customer engagement and number of followers, as well. the Instagram contest can further help in sales conversion.


#Tip 3– Create Instagram Ads to Redirect the Traffic on Landing Page:

Running the advertisement on Instagram may let you adore a bunch of benefits. You can post an ad, with the engaging captions and apt hashtags with limited time offer, with the purpose to attract more of the customer. Adding the link can help you to redirect the traffic on the landing page.

Being a digital marketer you can also employ Instagram stories to the full of the use. Instagram stories are interactive and catchy in the go that offers the capability to the customer for the call to action (CTA) and click-through links.


#Tip 4– Post-Sharp Details of the Product & Services:

Instagram is all about photos and 60-sec videos. But capturing this opportunity may add on lucrative benefits if followed with proper marketing strategies.

Marketing on Instagram helps the business to allow the customer to explore the sense of product and services.

The more customer will be aware of the product, the better will be the chances for sales conversions.

Therefore, post the picture of the product with the additional set of info comprising of price, offers, steps to buying the particular item along with the unique selling point (USP) of the product. Also, the business owner should focus on posting video testimonials along with the detailing of products by the social media influencer.


#Tip 5– Address the Customer Via Instagram:

Marketing doesn’t end with displaying the product. It’s the responsibility of digital marketers to address the query of the customer from time to time basis on Instagram.

Make your active presence on Instagram via the stories and Instagram live. Regular addressing to customer’s queries helps in yielding trust value with better sales opportunities.

instagram for business promotion

In Conclusion:

Instagram is the recognized podium to escalate the inputs of business. Following the steps of social media marketing on Instagram, one can lead to a strong foundation of developing and mature businesses.

The photos and clips hold much more power in amplifying the virtues of business in comparison to traditional marketing methods.


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