Increase Conversion Rate of your Website

increase conversion rate

Increasing conversion rate of your website can be challenging but possible. People come to the website, check the product or service but leave the website without buying or submitting the form, do you know why?

And here is the reasons for this,

  1. Not sure whether a product or service will benefit them or not.
  2. They don’t just need basic information, they need more than that.
  3. How to trust.

So, here are some of the vital things which will help you in increasing the conversion rate of the website.

Make the forms to be simple:

If you are an e-commerce website and your customer tries to purchase or sign up they wouldn’t like to answer unnecessary questions. Don’t waste customers precious time in filling up a long form with unnecessary fields. Make the form as simple as possible and shorter to the maximum extent.

Live Chat to increase conversion rate

Live Chat

Who doesn’t live to get some help to know about the product? And human interaction works better than robot chat and this will help to reduce bounce rate of the site as well as helps in improving the user experience. So, Live Chat is one of the technique to increase the conversion rate which will help the website visitors to know about the detailed information in the aspect what they are looking for.


Videos are working great for companies to give the information to the visitor in a very engaging manner and you can through videos promote in social media too. If you are providing some offer or service, then you can explain it via videos and also help your customer to understand about the same better. More they know about the product, better the chance of buying the same.


You may think pop is annoying but the truth is Pop-ups are the great way to retain the customer who is leaving your website and retaining their attention towards our business by getting their mail id and targeting them by email campaigns and more. You can convey some new offer or new product to your customer through emails or even by pop-ups like “10% OFF, Buy Now” and some like “XYZ has launched a new car, check it out!”.

increase conversion rate

Highlight CTA

Call To Action (CTA) is the place where you need your user to look at, and this is most used important to have a good conversion rate. CTA is about which color you use to highlight, considering background and more. Also remember to avoid unnecessary things around it and highlight only necessary item where you need user to have look at while designing the site itself.

These are some of the traditional methods used to increase the conversion rate of the website and best practices which yields the result at the earliest too.


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