Image Optimization for SEO

image seo

We all were in the situation to be successful in online to get more visibility and to run the campaigns. Besides considering only in the the content, there are other things which would help to make you successful in online. One such thing is Image Optimization. Comprehensive SEO strategies include a lot of content and images with relevant images. Google has even acknowledged the importance of Images and gave some tips on image optimization, there guidelines here.

Use Unique Relevant Images

Users are more likely to attracted and react to images before going through the written content. It is an human nature to focus attention on images. An informative and appealing image is the best way to inspire users and share your content and ideas, it will certainly improve the impression of the website.Take time to make images that illustrate the subject of the article to your audience in some emotional level like humor.

image seo

Quality of Images

Search Engine always prefers high-resolution images with good content. Google prefers good resolution images which is properly formatted images so that it will be appealing on a tablet, mobile screen. The file format of images like .jpeg, .png, .gif are to be chosen properly depending on the niche. Example: For E-Commerce sites, jpeg will be the best.

Size of the Image

Google has started Mobile First Indexing. This means you need to ensure your content is appealing in mobile too. If you use large image files, loading time of the site will be high and which will, in turn, result in High Bounce Rate – not so good for SEO. Use smaller image files with high resolution and optimize the page in terms of both user experience and technical aspects of SEO.

Image Optimization

Include Image Caption and Alt Text:

Captions are crawled by Search Engine like URL. Keyword associated captions will be found in the page listed in the search results. The key to having alternative text same as that of the caption to maintain both page and image relevance. Images with irrelevant caption and alt text will only drive bounce rate so use relevant caption and alt text for easier understanding to both user and robots to help better in indexing.


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