Does Guest Blogging For Backlinks Really Works

Guest Blogging

Within Google Guidelines, there is nothing wrong in guest blogging. Even according to Hubspot 53% of the digital marketers say blog Creation is in the top when it comes to creating inbound links. So Guest Blogging is safe to go on with. To incorporate all the potential benefits of guest blogging, people have overused it, or Guest Blogs is a misuse. Google has voiced to make it clear on what is the good practice of guest blogging too.

Guest Blogging

Statement Matt Cuts, Guest Blogging is overused by spam sites to get a bunch of links to manipulate the Google Algorithm to improving ranking and increase traffic of the website. He also stated to Write Guest Blogs by adding value.

The most important thing in guest blogging is creating content with an aim to educate and add value to your audience. That should be the primary objective of guest blogging. Links from the guest post be secondary. Taking this approach will be ethical to the search engine. Here are some of the tips to write Guest Blog.

Write for Trustworthy and Relevant Site

Use SEMrush to a good estimate of how much traffic a guest blogging websites gets. Good websites will always a lot of traffic. Look at the backlinks of the guest blogging site. Check whether the guest blogging has quality backlinks. And also verify whether the site is indexed for this use Search Operator “” in a search engine to find whether your site is indexed. If Google hasn’t indexed website there is no reason to post on the website.

quality links

Use Anchor Text Wisely

Avoid using exact match keywords as the anchor text to link to your website. Though anchor text is important and potential to increase the rank of the website, maintain as natural as possible and possible change the varies anchor text for the external links.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

While writing the audience keeps your audience in mind, write for people not for search engine robots. Provide some information to your readers. This ensures Google sees your content as natural and written by following their guidelines.

If you again ask is Guest Blogging is Good, the short answer will be Yes. Publish useful high quality content on relevant websites which benefits you by ranking in the search engine and may bring more traffic to your website.


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