Difference between Web Designing and Web Development

Web Developers

What is Web Designing?

Web designing is associated with the how the website looks (Visual Styles) like the color scheme, layout, the flow of content and everything which comes under the visual side of the website like User Interface or User Experience. Some of the basic Skills required for web designers are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Layout, Color theme.

Web Designing is about what visitors observe on the screen. With graphic designs, web designers create the initial version of the website and will pass to web developers for coding. Designers use their knowledge and set the layout for the page. If you use WordPress, then use a good theme which can speed up the design process. A good designer can grasp the design the website to the style of the company (Product design, logo color) providing the excellent first impression to the client and as well as to the website visitors and can help in conversion rate.

Web Designing

Web Developers:

Web Developers use code to develop the website. Web developers get design format from designers and encode the front end of the page. They care only about the code. They don’t consider where the pages look good or not they care about clean code. The skills required for front-end developers are getting higher and higher as they need to pay more attention to details. Basic Skills required for web developers are HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JQuer, Python.

Web Developers

Web Designers are more creative, and Web developers are more technical. Web designers can’t ignore coding, both web designing and web development need some level of programming.

Experienced web designers should understand coding and there ultimate goal is to create the eye catchy website.Designers constantly rework (not on the request from the client but on their own initiative).A clumsy website may increase the bounce rate which is not good for the website. Web designers additionally often administrate the templates like WordPress or Joomla.

The core emphasis of both the fields is different. Although the goal is the same, the working is different. Web developer’s core is to make the site functional from every angle of the website and designers focus on website appearance.

Both web designing and web developers are required and play an important role in the entire process of website creation.


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