Reasons for Needing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery You Must Know


Coronary artery bypass surgery is also known as CABG i.e. coronary artery bypass graft is a surgical process to reinstate or restore normal blood flow to a clogged coronary artery. Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle.

The bypass surgery procedure involves removing a healthy vessel from the patient’s leg, arm, or chest and attaching it beyond the blocked arteries in the patient’s heart. Coronary bypass does not cure the heart disorder that caused blockages but instead manages it. This procedure improves the functioning of the heart and decreases the risk of dying due to heart diseases. There are many heart hospitals in Delhi who perform this surgery.

know about Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Reasons for doing Coronary artery bypass surgery

Bypass surgery is the only way if you have a blocked artery in the heart.

  1. If there are more than one affected coronary artery and the left ventricle, the heart’s chief pumping chamber isn’t functioning properly.
  1. The main coronary artery is the one that supplies blood to the left ventricle. If it is narrowed or blocked, you must seriously consider this surgery.
  1. If several arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle are blocked and if you are experiencing intense chest pain during exercise.
  1. Even after doing an angioplasty (briefly inserting and expanding a tiny balloon to broaden the artery) or stent placement surgery (placing a small stent to keep the artery open), the artery keeps on narrowing again (restenosis) then you must seriously opt for coronary artery graft.
  1. If you have a weak heart muscle, a condition called cardiomyopathy, you might require this surgery.
  1. Bypass surgery can also be helpful if you have an acute coronary syndrome

A coronary bypass can also be performed in emergencies like heart attack if a patient doesn’t respond to other medications or procedures.

Complications of the surgery

Coronary artery surgery is a significant surgical process as it is open-heart surgery. Hence, you could face certain difficulties during or after surgery.

The possible complications of the surgery are myocardial infarction during or immediately after surgery it occurs in less than 5 % of patients, temporary weakening of the heart muscle, arrhythmias, build-up of fluid between the lung and the chest wall i.e. pleural effusions, infection near or on the incision site, memory loss or trouble thinking clearly, kidney problems, stroke and heart attack if a blood clot breaks loose after surgery.

The chances of developing these complications are usually very less. As the complications count of this bypass surgery is high, it is used as a last resort of treatment for blockage in coronary arteries.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Recovery after the surgery

After surgery, you will have to spend 2-3 days in an intensive care unit (ICU) under strict observation. The breathing tube will assist you in breathing until you can breathe on your own. The doctor will suggest you a measured healthy diet and some exercises. If symptoms of any complication aren’t there, then you will be discharged from the hospital in a week. With regular check-ups with the doctor and proper medications, you can expect a recovery in six to twelve weeks.

You will find some of the best heart hospitals in Delhi who provide a safe coronary artery bypass surgery. To know more about the surgery, contact the cardiologist available near you.


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