Best SEO Strategy to start within Search Console

Responsive site

Here are some of the SEO strategies that will help you in improving the rank of the website thereby getting a lot of visitors. So, with no delay let us get into the topic,

SEO Checklist

Domain Name to be Branded

It is always advisable to have a unique domain name for your website for which you need to establish brands like Quicksprout, Flipkart etc.,

TLD Extension

TLD Extension

Country TLD (Top-Level Domain) is useful if you want to rank high in a particular country, as it will help in improving the local search ranks as well it limit the global ranking of the site.

Stick to either www or non-www

It is important to be consistent with the search engine. Thus, it is essential that you either stick to www or non-www version of your website.

Submit XML Site Map for Indexing

Submit your XML sitemap for search engine indexing, submitting the sitemap to the Search Console is the way of telling the search engine about your website. Thus, it is important to create an XML sitemap and submit it to the search console. You can create XML with the help of plugins like “Yoast SEO” or “All in one SEO” Plugin.

Create an HTML Sitemap

While XML sitemap makes it easier for the search engine to know about your website, an HTML sitemap makes the navigation easier and gives the better experience to the user.

Use Robots.txt

Don’t Want Certain Page Folders or File to rank up in the Search Engine. Create a Robots.txt file and prevent search engine robots from crawling the particular page of the website by letting it know in the robots.txt file.

Responsive site

Have Responsive Website

Google loves a responsive website. A responsive website is nothing but having the compatible version of your website for desktop, mobile and tab screens. This it is important to switch to the responsive website if you want to rank well on the search engine. To test your website responsiveness or mobile-friendliness of your website, use either of the tool Test Mobile Friendliness or Test my site.


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