About Google Sandbox

Google Sand Box

Google Sandbox is a filter placed on a website. The sandbox acts possibly to discourage the spam sites from showing it on the search engine, rising quickly, getting banned. To put in an understanding words, Sandbox is like a probation period to monitor the site and kept lower than the expected searches, before giving full value to the incoming links and the content.

How to check my website is in Sandbox or not?
It is easier than you think. Though you will not receive any notification about the sandboxed website, you can easily check out his in Google Search Console to know whether Google Search Engine has penalized you or not.

  1. Login to Search Console, select Search Traffic and search analytics and click on pages option.
  2. If you have done keyword research and optimized your website for the keywords but the page ranks for other keywords than the keyword you have optimized for then your website may be penalized.
  3. Same way, go through all the pages in your website and queries.

Google Sand Box

Tools to spot,
There are several tools that can analyze whether your site is in a sandbox or not. Tools like

  • Search Engine Genie – Checks whether the site has been placed on probation for specific keywords. Just enter the domain name and keyword which you would like to find for.
  • Fruition – Checks for all penalties in general.
    These tools help you if you are wondering if Google has placed your site on probation or not.

Google SanbBox Checking tool

How to Avoid Sandbox Penalty?
Being in Google Sandbox is a kind of penalty for the new websites. So, if you just have made a website and website is indexed just a few months and if you don’t have high-quality content or links here are something which you should follow to not being placed in the sandbox,

  1. Create High-Quality Content related to your business niche.
  2. Avoid buying backlinks to index better and get traffic for short period.
  3. Don’t Over-Optimize your content which keywords just focus on the keyword have about .5 to 2% of your content as keywords for every 1000 words.

    These steps ensure that your website is not the penalty of the sandbox.


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