What Type of Business Needs Live Chat Agent?

online chat

Enabling Live Chat Support is a way to connect with the customer irrespective of the type of business. And every business would also like to connect with their customer and would love to support with the information or service they are looking for from the website. But there is a question in every business people as “Would I need to enable Live Chat for my business” or “what type of business needs a live chat”. So for them here are the some of the industry lists for which Live chat works great.

online chat


Live chat will be the solution for many of the issues while purchasing the product from the online store. If a customer faces some issue, you can be there to help them to resolve it then and there. And having live chat for e-commerce store or online product selling business would be one of the best solutions to boost sales.

Having Live chat will the greatest feature that an e-commerce website can offer to its customer. And research says having a person live to help you out with the questions in the middle of a purchase online is the important feature and 63% of people consider as a must-have feature of an E-Commerce website.

Travel Industry:
More or less like E-Commerce website. Here your user may get confused about the things covered in the holiday package. Whenever people get confused with the package or holiday destinations live chat person will come to help him/her and give them a better experience to them. Website visitor experience is the most important for the business which depends on online. Give your visitor a better experience with the information what they are looking for and help them out in resolving the issue with the help of Live Chat and by the way you can increase the conversion rate too.

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Though many of the banking sectors have a customer support call center, it would be better if you could help them by offering the live chat. There would be people who will not like to have called or to listen to a list of the menu in IVR and wait for the details for them, Live chat is most happening and valuable too.

For Telecom, businesses Live Chat is something like must-have features. Customer Support of Telecom business works the different way from banking. The consumer has to wait for their turn though they have own call center for support. For Telecom business, what people or consumer look for is, better and faster connection and both you can find in the Live Chat.


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