Tips to improve product listings & make your e-Commerce business highly successful


If you’re an online seller, you must be aware of the importance of both presentations as well as the marketing of your products and/or services. Studies have repeatedly shown that this directly affects the sale, profit and revenue models for any e-commerce business. One major drawback of e-commerce is the lack of physical contact with the product. Without that, it is difficult for consumers to get a feel of the quality of the product, and this is where the Product Listing Services and its significance comes into play. If the listings are detailed, informative, and relevant, e-commerce businesses can ensure their consumers make an informed purchase.

tips to improve ecommerce business

Let’s take a look at four easy steps to make your product readings perfect, so they can help drive your sales and profits up!

  1. Ensure the Product is Described in Detail

Often, online retailers consider uploading pictures as enough and tend to ignore the descriptions. This is not a good practice. The written word cannot just be underestimated thus. Sure, the pictures can attract the consumer, but in order to persuade them to make the purchase, you must provide an informative product description. Make sure it includes all basic details like price, shipping costs, specifications (size, color, material, etc.), warranty, or any other such details.

  1. Avoid Drab Descriptions: Make it Worth their Time

Product descriptions can run on endlessly if you don’t employ focused editing. You need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and understand what information they need. Ensure you supply that information succinctly. This will improve their experience with your e-commerce business. If you feel you’re not equipped to handle this, you can always hire a product description writer to help you chart these territories.

  1. Long Tail Keywords are your Friends

If you’ve faced any trouble while trying to get your listings on good rankings, don’t worry. There is an easy fix to this – long-tail keywords. If you’re using four keywords or more, you’re on the right track. But do make sure that they stay phrases and not turn into full sentences.

  1. Don’t Forget to Mention Product Benefits

tips to add product listingsNow that product description features and keywords are all accounted for, let’s come to the hook – why should the consumer buy your product? If they were in a store, they could’ve just asked the salesperson for help in making the decision, but since there’s no one available to answer their questions immediately, it is up to you to pre-empt these questions and provide answers. Some of the most frequent queries about any product are its benefits. It would help you immensely if you employed a little creativity here, instead of providing the facts as in. Write a catchy headline in bold font; provide an introduction, list down your points with details. Basically, turn it into a story that your customers would want to read all the way through because this is important information that will help them make their final choice.

If you still find yourself wondering what more you can do, remember these three words

  • Engage
  • Persuade
  • Sell

Treat this as a blueprint of the entire description. You must first engage the consumer, followed by persuasion, and finally – sale!

Once this is under control, watch your e-commerce business scale the greatest heights!


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