Reduce Bounce Rate of the Website

Decrease Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce is a percentage of users who leave our website without taking any actions like clicking or navigating to other pages. This could happen because of various reasons like slow loading of the page, site design, hosting plan or content. The bounce of your website should be as low as possible, unlike other metrics like clicks, impressions to increase.

As we have seen what is bounce rate now let us consider reducing the bounce rate of the website which will increase the conversion rate.

Bounce Rate importance

1. Good Design

Your website is important and design is what the first impression of your business and this is the first thing that people will notice as soon as they land on the website.  The first Impression what most of the user relates to the business in the digital era is site design. Almost 94% of the first impression is design oriented.

Though there is no thumb rule for website designing, consider the layout, color combination and links. The website is one gives information about your business to visitors, so give first preference for user experience when you do anything on the website.

2. Page Load Time:

Page Loading Time is another important ranking factor of Google Algorithm as like Bounce Rate. Page Loading Speed has a huge impact on the bounce rate of your website. Increased page loading time will increase the bounce rate so ensure that your site gets loaded in 3 seconds. You can even check the page loading speed in Pingdom which is a free tool to measure the loading speed of your website. Go to Pingdom, the tool enters your website address and click “Start Test”. You can even test your website loading speed in Google Page Speed Insights. Have regular monitoring of page loading speed as everybody likes the fast website. Simple way to increase the page loading time is to optimize the image and content.

Decrease Bounce Rate

3. Mobile Friendliness

How your website shows up in the mobile matters. You should have a mobile  friendly website not just a small version of the desktop view. As 95% of people around the world uses Mobile Phones, you should understand the power of having a mobile friendly website.  Almost 58% of Google searches were made from Mobile phones, but understanding things Google has been started Mobile First Indexing which means your website will be ranked first in mobile searches even before it is ranked in desktop search results.

Though there is a lot in reducing the bounce rate of the website, above was a must. The above-mentioned methods would give a quick result, once you implement all .Hope, you could see better results very soon in decreasing bounce rate of your website.


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