Issues Faced With Poor Web Hosting Services


Web Hosting is the foundation for every website. It is the service that allows personal or business websites to be posted on the internet. It’s basically where your website lives. Before launching your website on the internet, you should choose right web hosting company to avoid problems related to hosting in future. Everyone will starts the business to get succeed. So their business should not get affected by poor web hosting services. There are lot of web hosting companies available in the market providing you the best web hosting plans. You should be very careful in choosing the right web hosting company to avoid problems in future.

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Here, I have illustrated the most common issues faced with poor web hosting providers.

Website down

Unreliable Support

Slow Loading Speed

Insufficient Security

Website Down

When it comes to business, your website should up every time. The internet users may visit your website at any time. If the customer wants to visit your website but it is down, then  it creates negative impact on your business. The other thing is that, downtime affects seo. This means that if the crawler cannot find your website, it will try to re-crawl your website again throughout the day to see if it is back up. While this is happening, your website in most cases will temporarily drop in the Google search result rankings. It doesn’t mean that Googles completely dropped it from its index, but it will if you are down for more than a few days.

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Unreliable Support

Technical support and customer support is the most crucial aspect of web hosting business. Poor Customer service will loss your business. Even if its fully client’s  control (i.e)  premium hosting plan or virtual private server, they will have some internal issues so they need support from their hosting provider. Website problems can quickly translate into losing sales and customers. Unfortunately, not all web hosting services provides reliable support.

Slow Loading Speed

Nowadays, people have very little patience for slow loading pages. Even a few seconds of delay leads to losing the visitors. That’s why the loading speed of any website should be fast. You can face this issue if you hosted your website with poor hosting service.

Insufficient Security

Security is the another essential element you need in web host. But there are some web hosting companies who were unable to find any theft possibilities in your websites. Lack of security can create a various problems for any business, as a result losing you revenue. If your site goes down potential customers will not be able to view the products or services your site offers.



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