How to Generate Repeat Sales through Custom Mobile Accessories Boxes?

smart tips to increase sale with phone cases

Frankly, who would say ‘No’ to a thoughtfully designed package? It’s nearly impossible that a beautifully encased product goes unnoticed, especially when you know it’s the first thing that greets your customers. An unselfishly designed mobile accessory box works in the same way. It makes buyers feel special and valued. In fact, every time a customer receives their product in an aesthetically pleasing box they are ecstatic to open it. After all, who would want to receive something in a sloppy box anyway?

smart tips to increase sales

How to Generate Repeat Sales?

But how on earth you can balance cost and aesthetics in a bid to create stunning mobile accessories boxes? Well, all you need to do is seek inspiration, join hands with the right packaging company like The Legacy Printing, have some sense of creativity and artistry, and follow these tips to start your custom mobile accessories packaging process.

  • Personalize Your Mobile Accessories Boxes

Personalization can pep up even the simplest boxes, so make sure to give your wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes a personal touch and brighten the faces of your customers. It’s also an incredible way to strengthen your brand identity and grasp customers’ attention. People are more likely to buy from brands they are familiar with so don’t be clumsy in this department.

There are several ways to use personalization in your packaging. But it can only be achieved by ensuring a well-coordinated approach. Meaning, your colors, fonts, style, and other characteristics should be consistent with each other because that’s the only way your packaging will look professional and well-thought-out. Some manufacturers rely on trendy typography to set their logos apart while others add a personal touch by adding handwritten thank-you notes.

Besides this, foiling is another popular printing process that leverages heat, pressure, metal dies, and foil film to create a visually enticing design or logo. This can come in real handy when you want to create a luxury brand. But if you are struggling to do it yourself, ask your packaging partner to do hot foil stamping for you. Their dedicated team will artfully do the job. You can use these boxes to pack limited edition or high-end mobile accessories, like gold platted hands-free, etc.

In short, the possibilities to improve the visual appeal of your custom printed mobile accessories packaging boxes are almost limitless. You just need to find your inspiration, decipher your creative capacity and find a reliable team to support you.

Have your Customers Attention Locked-In

What better way to boost repeat sales than when you have your audience’s attention locked-in on your product and custom mobile accessories packaging? Every time a customer opens your mobile accessory box, you are 100 percent sure you have their attention. This is an ideal time to create real customer loyalty, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

how to increase sales

One terrific way to encourage repeat purchases is by making it super easy for your customers to find you again when they are all set to make another purchase. Slide in a business card containing your contact details and social media page links. This is an inexpensive way to boost your social media following and repeat sales. But if you are reluctant to go the extra mile when developing a relationship with customers, you can never see the traction.

However, adding little surprise gifts like free earrings, loose beads or including a thoughtful thank-you note can make a world of difference.


There is more to mobile accessories packaging than boxes. The study shows that 52 percent of online buyers are more likely to become repeat customers if you offer delightful unboxing experiences, whereas about 40 percent divulged they had shared images or videos of a new purchase.

Definitely, you would love to have a share of this pie. So stop seeing your packaging as mere containers that need to be dispatched. Rather think of your brand credibility and customer loyalty, it will allow you to create an immersive packaging that will leave a lasting impression.


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