Finalize the Right Keyword

Finalize the Right Keyword

While Google Keep us on our tones by updating Algorithms, they keep rolling many things and one thing is kept stable in all the updates to optimize the page accordingly and that Is “Keyword”. Well, we need to do some research before finalizing the keywords. So, this article is completely about keyword research.

What is Keyword Research?

The keyword is a phrase for which you have to optimize the on-page SEO factors. Keyword research is finding some keywords with search term what people usually enter into the search engine. Good knowledge on this will help you to make the good content strategy and flow.

Choose the right keyword

How to do Keyword Research for SEO?

Make the list of relevant topics
To start the process, think about the relevant topics for your business niche in generic form. Then these topics will help you get some specific keywords too. If you are a blogger, there are some topics which you generally blog about. Now you have some phrases which could be your keywords, spent some time in identifying the search phrases what people enter in search engine with tools like Keyword planner and more.

Research related Search Terms
This involves some level of creativeness when doing keyword research. If you want to get some idea about related search terms of specific topics you can go with LSI. Enter the topic phrases in Google Search Engine, in search engine result page, scroll down, where you can get find related searches, this will help you in finding out the related topics, which you can also use while building links.

Finalize the Right Keyword

Mix short and Long Tail Keywords
For those who don’t know the difference between Short and Long Tail Keywords. Short Tail / Head Terms are keywords phrases with 2 phrases and have no clue on the type of expected result. Eg: Coffee Shop. Long tail keywords are keywords with more than 3 phrases, which has some clue on the expected results. Eg. Coffee Shop Near Me, which gives information like you are looking for Coffee Shop in the location where you are. You can use the Adwords Keywords Planner tool to find the right mix of Short Term and Long Term Keyword.

Focus on right topics for your business to help you organize the keywords which terms you are focusing on for different pages of the website for indexing. Make sure you re-evaluate these keywords every few month to get more gains.


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